About Me

Hello! I’m Caden Nelms (He/Him/His)!

I am 21 years old! I grew up, and still currently live, in the North Georgia mountains. I am currently attending Piedmont University earning my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.

I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disability that causes my muscles to continue to get weaker, or atrophy, over time. I use a wheelchair full-time.

I created this blog and podcast after realizing that I kept writing blog-lenth posts on Facebook and Instagram. I knew that I needed a place to write out my thoughts and expierences. Thus, the Rolling Through Life podcast and blog were born!

Personally, I like to find the positive and fun times while facing challenges that come with having a disability. I try to show others that I am happy and they should not feel bad for me. It took me a long time to accept my disability. In fact, it wasn’t until I left my small-town high school and started college that I accepted myself for me. It took getting away from people that created assumptions of me when we were six years old. Finally, a fresh start with people I didn’t know. I am with people that were mature when learning more about me.

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