Happy Disability Pride Month!

Hello beautiful people! Happy Disability Pride Month!

If you didn’t know, July is Disability Pride Month. You probably will not see businesses promote that July is Disability Pride month, or see any celebrities promotng it. However, you will see so many disability activists, advocates, and allies sharing facts and their experiences growing up disabled. We share the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Growing up disabled is anything but easy. Going to too many doctor’s appointments before the age of five. Trying to make friends with kids who only view you as “different”. Navigating a world a world that isn’t designed for us. Living in a world full of ableists that treat disabled individuals terribly and wrong.

It is okay for a disabled individual to have less than great feelings about being disabled sometimes. I mean, wouldn’t you if you lived in a world that isn’t deisgned for you?

I am proud to be disabled. It took many years to fully accept my disablility. I doubted myself for years. I questioned everything. I wondered why. However, now I am proud and happy. My goal is to educate people on how to be inclusive and treat disabled individuals equally.

During Disability Pride Month, it is important to take time to learn, listen, and educate yourself on disabilites and what disabled individuals have went through in the past, and present.

Disablility advocates and activists work hard to educate everyone. Although I am apart of the disability community, I still learn from other disabled activists! I thank, and look up to, past disability advocates, and current. They help make the world a better, safer, accessible, and more inclusive world!

I hope that you take time this month, and beyond, to learn and help create a society that is accessible and welcoming for all.

I love you all and I hope you have an AMAZING day!

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